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Akk Dog
Level range

"Loyal guard dogs, faithful pets and savage killers: with the right training, akk dogs can fill any of these roles. Those brave enough to challenge the beasts must contend with a thick, scaly carapace that deflects the most powerful of blows and jaws strong enough to crush durasteel. Although native to Haruun Kal, akk dogs have been exported across the galaxy to serve a variety of masters. When not domesticated, akk dogs live in the wild, hunting in packs and attacking anyone foolish enough to enter their territory.

In addition to their incredible strength, akk dogs are rumored to be Force sensitive. In recent years a Jedi named Master Sulan attempted to connect with the creatures through Force-bonding exercises. The Jedi’s endeavor was cut short when his Padawan’s life was claimed by a particularly hungry akk dog pack leader.
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

Additional information

"Akk dogs form strong bonds with their handler and can be trained to perform multiple tasks. These pack creatures are capable of domestication and, with the right handler, can be quite vicious."

To obtain the codex entry on Akk Dog, you need to kill any Akk Dog on Hutta.


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Rogue Akk Dog Hutta
Trained Akk Dog Hutta
Trained Akk Dog33Infected CreatureWeak1045Taris
Trained Alpha Akk Dog Taris
Trained Guard Dog32/33Beast SlaveWeak885/935Taris
Trained Rescue Akk Dog Taris
Trained Swamp Bonegnasher35Beast SlaveWeak1025Taris
Trained Swamp Ravager33LeaprWeak1045Taris
Trained Swamp Snarler32/33Beast SlaveWeak885/935Taris

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Akk dog on Hutta

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