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Empire: Upon completion of mission “To Pierce the Heavens”.


The rebellion of Malgus the Betrayer struck a decisive blow to the Imperial war effort, weakening the Empire’s offensive and shattering its united front. Alien factions that flocked to Malgus’s banner would forever be judged for their disloyalty. But in a time of turmoil, those species that remained faithful were rewarded. Against the protests of its more conservative leaders–including heated objections from Grand Moff Regus–the Empire began a concerted effort to integrate its most devoted alien subjects into the military. Only by increasing its numbers with alien stock could the Empire survive the raging conflict against the Republic. The new alien recruits face down prejudice and competition to prove their worth and secure power within the evolving Empire. Cathar clans have vaulted to prominence, while Kaleesh tribes and countless other species pledge their support to the Imperial fight. Fueled by these brave and committed alien warriors, the Empire rallies its strength and marches into a new era.

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