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"The Anomid reputation for technological expertise is well founded and goes back thousands of years. In partnership with the Ithorians, the Anomids developed sophisticated agricultural machines to feed their people–technology they now readily share with worlds left barren by the Great War. They have also contributed greatly to medical and cybernetics research. Many Anomids are devoted pacifists; their Central Council routinely refuses any official requests to work in Republic weapons development. However, individual Anomids and fringe groups sometimes offer their services to mercenary groups, pirates or Hutts, either wishing to test their skills or simply for credits. Anomid-modified weapons are, therefore, both impressive and extremely rare. One particular rifle recently sold on Nar Shaddaa’s black market for a small fortune."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

Additional Information

In order to obtain this codex, you need to click on one of the holograms (part of bonus mission) that you can find inside of the FlashpointThe False Emperor”. If you enter story mode, you should find one of the holograms near entrance, that will save you time.

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