Area of effect (AoE) is a term that is used to describe an ability that affects an area rather than just one singular target. Most Area of Effect abilities are targeted some AoE abilities can be placed by moving the mouse to where the ability wants to be used. area of effect abilities can also originate from the user's position and this area of effect abilities are referred to as point-blank area of effect (PBAoE).

Targeted Area of Effect

Targeted area of effect abilities affect the primary target and any other hostile mobs around the target. An example of this is the Trooper ability, Explosive Round. This ability causes damage to both the primary target and damage to up to 3 targets with 8 meters of the primary target.

Placed Area of Effect

Placed area of effect abilities are abilities that are placed in a certain area with a targeting reticule. An example of placed area of effect would be the Bounty Hunter ability Death from Above.

Point-Blank Area of Effect

Point-black area of effect abilities are area of effect abilities that originate from the user. An example of this is the Jedi Consular ability Force Wave. This ability cause all targets within 8m of the Consular to be knocked down and back.

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