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Artifice Ingredients are materials required to craft items using the Artifice skill in Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG.

SWTOR - materials - crystals and artifacts

Grade 1-3 Crystals, Gemstones and Artifact fragments


When crafting, the quality of the item will determine the quality of materials required. Crafting a Premium (green) quality item may require Standard(white) and Premium quality materials. Crafting a Prototype(blue) quality item will require standard, premium and prototype quality materials. Artifact level items can require standard, premium, prototype and artifact level materials.

Craftable items are rated by their level of rarity. The rarity is shown by the color of the items name.

  • Cheap (grey)
  • Standard (white)
  • Premium (green)
  • Prototype (blue)
  • Artifact (purple)
  • Modifiable (orange)
  • Legacy ( )
  • Legendary (dark purple)

Color Crystals (Crafting Material)

Color crystals can be acquired by harvesting archaeology nodes found while traveling around planets or by sending your companions on Archaeology missions.

All color crystals are of Premium (green) quality.

Grade 1

  • Blue Amorphous Crystal
  • Green Amorphous Crystal
  • Red Amorphous Crystal

Grade 2

  • Blue Igneous Crystal
  • Green Igneous Crystal
  • Red Igneous Crystal

Grade 3

  • Blue Opaque Crystal
  • Green Opaque Crystal
  • Red Opaque Crystal

Grade 4

  • Blue Solid Crystal
  • Green Solid Crystal
  • Red Solid Crystal

Grade 5

  • Blue Lucent Crystal
  • Green Lucent Crystal
  • Red Lucent Crystal

Grade 6

  • Blue Polychromic Crystal
  • Green Polychromic Crystal
  • Red Polychromic Crystal

Power Crystals

Power crystals can be acquired by harvesting archaeology nodes found while traveling around planets or by sending your companions on Archaeology missions.

All power crystals are of Premium (green) quality.

Grade 1

Grade 2

  • Eralam Crystal
  • Nextor Crystal

Grade 3

  • Bondar Crystal
  • Opila Crystal

Grade 4

  • Firkrann Crystal

Grade 5

  • Phond Crystal
  • Damind Crystal

Grade 6

  • Upari Crystal

Grade 9

  • Carbonic Crystal
  • Perfect Carbonic Crystal (blue)


These are available through Treasure Hunting crew missions.

All gemstones are of Prototype (blue) or Artifact (purple) quality.

Grade 1

  • Exquisite Yellow Crystal (blue)
  • Fire Node (blue)
  • Wind Crystal (purple)

Grade 2

  • Chrysopaz (purple)
  • Marilite (blue)
  • Precious Yellow Crystal (blue)

Grade 3

  • Immaculate Yellow Crystal (blue)
  • Krayt Dragon Pearl (purple)
  • Tatooine Flamegem (blue)

Grade 4

  • Ice-Jewel (purple)
  • Pristine Yellow Crystal (blue)
  • Sunblaze (blue)

Grade 5

  • Nova Crystal (purple)
  • Prismatic Crystal (blue)
  • Flawless Yellow Crystal (blue)

Grade 6

  • Corusca Gem (purple)
  • Lorrdian Gemstone (blue)
  • Perfect Yellow Crystal (blue)
  • Perfect Orange Crystal (blue)

Grade 9

  • Mytag Crystal (purple)
  • Rainbow Gem (blue)
  • Impeccable Orange Crystal (blue)
  • Impeccable Yellow Crystal (blue)

Artifact Fragments

  • Lost Artifact Fragment - Grade 1
  • Sacred Artifact Fragment - Grade 2
  • Ancient Artifact Fragment - Grade 3
  • Prehistoric Artifact Fragment - Grade 3
  • Galactic Artifact Fragment - Grade 4
  • Alien Artifact Fragment - Grade 5
  • Hypertech Artifact Fragment - Grade 5
  • Primeval Artifact Fragment - Grade 6
  • Primordial Artifact Fragment - Grade 9

Crafting Material

Crafting materials are available from vendors and acquired through Archaeology missions.

  • Fibrous Nylite Solution - Available through Mission Level 10-16
  • Thermoionic Gel Suspension - Available through Mission Level 17-24
  • Demicot Silk - Available through Mission Level 25-32
  • Brocart Filaments - Available through Mission Level 33-40
  • Zeyd-cloth - Available through Mission Level 41-48
  • Cortosis Substrate - Available through Mission Level 49-50
  • Corundum Powder - Available through Mission Level 51-55

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