Attack of the Flesh Raiders
Mission Data
Start Derrin Weller
End Master Satele Shan
Level 1
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Tython
Experience 245
Previous Next
n/a High Tech Savages

Attack of the Flesh Raiders is the first mission in the Jedi Knight's story arc. The Knight will gain this quest automatically after disembarking their ship and talking with Derrin Weller. Weller will send the Knight the Gnarls to repel the Flesh Raiders attack against the Jedi training grounds.


  • Speak to Derrin Weller
  • Take a Speeder to the Gnarls
  • Defeat Flesh Raiders: 0/10
  • Click On Your Holocom Button
  • Secure the Gnarls Cavern
  • Halt the Assault (Bonus)
    • Defeat Flesh Raiders: 0/10
  • Talk to Callef - Lightside +50 or Darkside +50
  • Defeat Flesh Raider Predators
  • Defeat Callef
  • Speak to Unaw Aharo
  • Go to the Jedi Temple
  • Clear the path to the Jedi Temple (Bonus)
    • Defeat Flesh Raider Lurkers 0/4
  • Use your personal Holocom
  • Speak with Satele Shan


The rewards upon completing this mission are:

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