The Beastmaster of Tython is an achievement that players can earn by finding seven specific codex entries related to the creatures found on the world of Tython. Once players locate and access all seven of the entries, they will be granted the achievement in their Legacy.

Creature Locations

Cave Manka Cat x-0, y-0 Just inside the cave leading to datacron.

Greater Guid x-400, y-125 On the left path out of the Forge tunnel.

Horanth Matriarch x-60, y-25 Tython River Valley.

Terentatek x-0, y-0

Tythonian War Droid x-350  y-30 At the entrance to Kaleth.

Wingmaw Flayer x: 154, y: 218    somewhere in Flesh Raider Territory

Young Uxibeast x-110, -910 Just before the bridge, leading out to Jedi Temple, in The Gnarls.

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