It can be found in Minimum Security Section, Terrorist Detention Sector, inside inside the fortification’s walls, on an officer’s corpse.

X: 501, Y: 495


"Prisoners are sentenced to Belsavis for two reasons: they are too dangerous or too difficult to imprison anywhere else. In the former category are some of the most treacherous beings in the galaxy–master assassins, hardened pirates, war criminals, slavers, Sith Lords and others. The second category is broader–Belsavis contains escape artists, slicers and shapechangers whose crimes are relatively minor compared to the destructive madmen who dwell alongside them. Gang leaders and syndicate leaders can fall into this category as well, placed in Belsavis to isolate them from their web of criminal contacts. The prison administration attempts to separate prisoners of like affiliation–members of a single gang, for example, are often divided among multiple cell blocks–but prisoners not in isolation quickly form their own alliances inside Belsavis. Murder and assault are common inside the prison, and for many, protection comes in numbers."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

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