(The ingredients for the above crew may not be the only ingredients available)

The ingredients are gained by completing bioanalysis missions. The yellow text represents the type of mission that is required for the given material.

Biochemical Compounds

Green Goo - Grade 1 Biochemical Compound

Luminescent Cell Culture -  Grade 2 Biochemical Compound

Genetic Anomaly -  Grade 2 Biochemical Compound

Hallucinogenic Compound -  Grade 3 Biochemical Compound

Medicinal Fluid -  Grade 3 Biochemical Compound

Cosmic Trace Particle - Grade 4 Biochemical Compound

Nerve-Damaging Chemical - Grade 4 Biochemical Compound

Nutrient Gel -  Grade 5 Biochemical Compound

Psychoactive Compound -  Grade 5 Biochemical Compound

Immunity Cell Culture -   Grade 6 Biochemical Compound

Red Goo -  Grade 6 Biochemical Compound

Viral Residue -  Grade 9 Biochemical Compound

Artificial Microbe - Grade 9 Biochemical Compound

Biochemical Samples

Dielectric Cell Fiber - Grade 1 Biochemical Sample

Bacterial Strain - Grade 1 Biochemical Sample

Microscopic Symbiote -  Grade 2 Biochemical Sample

Toxic Extract - Grade 2 Biochemical Sample

Unknown Microorganism - Grade 3 Biochemical Sample

Bio-Energy Cell Sample - Grade 3 Biochemical Sample

Inert Virus - Grade 4 Biochemical Sample

Parasitic Microorganism - Grade 5 Biochemical Sample

Quick-Growth Agent -  Grade 5 Biochemical Sample

Nuerochemical Extract  - Grade 6 Biochemical Sample

Biological Compounding Chemica -  Grade 9 Biochemical Samples

Metabolic Enhancement Agent - Grade 9 Biochemical Samples

Crafting Materials

First Aid Kit - Crafting Material

Hypo Syringe - Crafting Material

Double-Pulse Implant Processor -  Crafting Material

Advanced Power Implant Processor -  Crafting Material

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