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Black Codex: The Star Cabal’s Endgame (Agent)

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This lore can be found by an Agent on Corellia.


[Data reconstructed from fragmentary transmissions traced back from the Star Cabal's airship.] There will be horrors undreamed of. Worlds will be broken, and neither the Jedi nor the Sith will fall without dragging anything in their grasp into ruin. But it will end, Hunter, more quickly than anyone expects, because we have ensured that each player knows the weaknesses of his opponent. The Jedi intend to move against the Emperor himself, and all that’s left for us is to clear the way. Afterward, we return to our lives. We reconstruct civilization from our places of strength, and the cabal will, fate willing, fade into obscurity as the years go by. Let the Creeper keep his vigil and our elderly friend write her books, and I will nurture the people I love. You may finally find peace. There will be no more wars between men who think they are gods. A golden era awaits us, built upon the bones of trillions. At last, I can accept this. [Reconstruction ends here.]

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