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Bodyguard is one of the three Disciplines avaible for the Mercenary Advanced Class. This Discipline Focuses on Healing.

The Bodyguard Mercenary specializes in Personal-Security services, positioning themselves as the best protection credits can buy. A varried array of kolto dispersement intruments provide the Bodyguard's targets with protective shells and time-release infusions, offering safe haven even in the most hostile environments.

Level Avaible Ability Range Cooldown Description
10 Rapid Scan 30m Heals a friendly target for [x]
26 Kolto Missile 30m 6s Heals up to 8 allies within 8 meters of the targeted area for [x]
41 Kolto Shell 30m Deploys a Kolto Shell around the target that has 6 charges and lasts for up to 3 minutes. When the target is damaged, Kolto Shell looses 1 charge and heals the target for [x]. This effect may not occur more than one every 3 seconds. A target may have more than one Kolto Shell active.
57 Progressive Scan 30m 15s Heals a friendly target for [x] over the duration, and heals one new friendly target within 20 meters for [y] with each tick, healing up to four total targets with the final tick. 28 Heat is generated over the duration of the channel.

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