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"The bogstalker is one of many ancient species from the planet Taris’s prehistory thought extinct until its rediscovery after the planet’s bombardment. It turned out that the bogstalkers had survived for millennia beneath Taris’s sprawling undercity, and in the post-bombardment wreckage, the bogstalker has thrived as its natural swampy habitat has spread. Remarkably, the pollutants from the destruction of Taris have only made the bogstalker more resilient, as its flesh is now poisonous to most predators–even the voracious rakghouls."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

The Bogstalker is a species native to the planet Taris.

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Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Bogstalker Drone32/33ShredderNormal2355/2485Defeating can unlock the Codex entry.  Verified in Tularan Marsh (x:173, y:364, z:-207)
Bogstalker Soldier33BurrowerStrong7025
Venomous Bogstalker
Vicious Bogstalker32/33Infected CreatureNormal2355/2485


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