Non-Player Character

Bonethrasher is the first boss in the Karagga's Palace operation.

Codex Description

The ferocious rancor known as Bonethrasher serves as pet and pit fighter to its master, Karagga the Hutt. Bred from a long line of competitive battle rancors, Bonethrasher has reigned as the undefeated champion of Karagga’s pit since his first victory when he killed his sire, the previous champion, at the tender age of seven months. Bonethrasher’s greatest victory came when Karagga’s chief rival, Jorsooda the Hutt, bet that his three newly purchased vorantiki could destroy Karagga’s prized rancor. Starved, crazed and pumped full of adrenals, the vorantiki charged into the pit. One minute later, Bonethrasher stood victorious over the bodies of his challengers. His impressive victory was rewarded with a particularly flavorful snack: the surprised Jorsooda the Hutt.

Codex Location


Story Mode

First of all, Bonethrasher is immune to taunts, so tanks will act more as DPS in the battle. The main idea is to keep Bonetrasher in the middle of the area all the times, because he has a knockback which can send a player into the pit and he'll get stuck there. Tanks and DPS will keep damaging the boss while keeping an eye out for additional enemies. Those enemies must be killed quickly. When a Gamorrean enemy appears, it should be killed immediately, because Bonetrasher will feed itself with it, becoming more powerful for a time.

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