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Level range
16-20, 32-36

"The enormous and majestic bormus once moved in herds across Balmorra–until the Imperial bombardment wiped out many of the slow-moving behemoths and the pollution from Balmorra’s destroyed factories poisoned the land and the bormus’ food supply. Despite their size, bormus are incredibly gentle beasts and formerly relied on their herds for protection, stampeding potential predators. Now that they are on the brink of extinction, lone bormus are easily picked off by smaller, faster predators."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

The Bormu species inhabits Balmorra, and can be seen in the fields of the Markaran Plains.


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Stray Bormu17
Aging Bormu18
Bormu Plainsgrazer20 3620
Grandfather*22Ancient BormuHeroic World Boss304495Located in a lake on the far west side of the Markaran Plains on Balmorra


Notable Bormu

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