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Prologue: Tarro Blood


The Bounty Hunter storyline began on Hutta. The Bounty Hunter joined up with a team of hunters, who were trying to get them into the Great Hunt, a galactic-wide competition where hunters not only must hunt and kill a target, but kill a rival hunter tracking the same target, for fame and riches.

The team consisted of an old time hunter named Braden, a Nikto named Jory, and a young slicer named Mako. Braden, the team leader, was trying to negotiate with the local crime lord, Nemro the Hutt, to sponsor the hunter for the Great Hunt. However, a member of the Mandalorians named Tarro Blood, and rival for the Great Hunt, sabotaged the hunter's chances of entering the Great Hunt by killing Braden and Jory in their base. The hunter arrived at the scene shortly before Mako, who was devastated at the death of Braden and Jory, the latter being a close friend and the former being a father figure. With Mako's help, the hunter did jobs for Nemro and eventually gained the sponsorship of Nemro, a first step in entering the Great Hunt.

Dromund Kaas

The entry into the Great Hunt lead the Bounty Hunter and Mako to the Imperial capital: Dromund Kaas. There they were informed that a large number of other hunters had arrived for the competition and had procured sponsorships; far too many, in fact, for the Hunt. After being assigned a handler by the name of Crysta, the Bounty Hunter was informed that each potential entrant must carry out three high-profile bounties on Dromund Kaas, as a means of thinning the herd of potentials. Afterward, the remaining elite bounty hunters would compete in a grand melee to determine the winner of the last entry into the Hunt.

The Bounty Hunter was given a series of high-level targets (provided by Taro Blood's influence in an attempt of preventing the Bounty Hunter from entering the competition): a Republic nobleman-turned-slave, the Sith daughter of an Imperial official and finally a mission into the dreaded Sith Dark Temple to retrieve proof of an officer's death. After completing these tasks the Bounty Hunter was entered into the "Grand Melee" and fought the other challengers in an arena free-for-all match. The Bounty Hunter triumphed and was deemed worthy. Tarro Blood arrived soon after and protested this, citing that Mako fabricated much of the Bounty Hunter's qualifications. The Huntmaster (an aging Wookie presiding the event) deemed that the skills of the Bounty Hunter were worthy of the Hunt even if their older exploits were exaggerated. Blood leaves, swearing to kill the player before the Great Hunt ends, as neither can kill the other before the hunt begins.

Crysta then informed the Bounty Hunter that a ship was needed to continue and that, in Mandalorian tradition, the ship should be stolen rather than bought. She directed the player to a D5-Mantis being used by a smuggler. Despite Blood having tipped off the Imperial authorities, the Bounty Hunter escaped, procuring the vessel in the process. Mako swore vengeance on Blood for his underhanded tactics even before the Hunt officially started.

Once aboard, Crysta informed the crew that the first two targets for the Great Hunt had been decided for them. One lead was on Balmorra and the other on Nar Shaddaa. The Bounty Hunter is then given the choice as to which target to hunt down first.

Chapter 1 - The Great Hunt


The Balmorran Target for the Great Hunt was Admiral Ivernus, also known as "Admiral Untouchable," the reason being that he always oversees the conflict on the planet from his own starship. For that reason, the Bounty Hunter had to lure him down to Balmorra if they had any chance of eliminating him. However, Crysta was unable to provide the Bounty Hunter with a friendly contact, though Mako managed to find out that Lieutenant Major Pirrell, one of Ivernus' "toadies", was in the market for a bounty hunter.

Down on Balmorra in Sobrik, the Bounty Hunter met with Pirrell and Murghir, a dim Cathar entertainment gift from one of Pirrell's friends on Dromund Kaas. Pirrell revealed the reason why he posted the request for a bounty hunter in the first place: his wants his superior Colonel Sartius, whom he believes is incompetent yet is popular with the right people--including Admiral Ivernus, ousted from his seat and taken be Pirrell himself. He planned to do this by humiliating Sartius by having the Bounty Hunter create problems for Sartius that he's confident that he cannot solve in key points of interest such as the Okara Droid Factory, the local Colicoids, and the resistance fighters in the Balmorran Arms Factory.

Once all three points of interest were taken care of, Pirrell happily reported to the Bounty Hunter that Sartius is placed under arrest and Ivernus was finally coming down to Balmorra. The Bounty Hunter seized this opportunity to get within blaster range of the admiral.

The Bounty Hunter, Lieutenant Major Pirrell, and Murghir met up with Admiral Ivernus at the Sobrik Spaceport. However, instead of giving Pirrell a promotion, Ivernus came down to Balmorra to execute him in person. Pirrell being in charge of intelligence, Ivernus saw him as a "worthless incompetent"--Colonel Sartius's failures are ultimately his own failures. However, Murghir revealed her true colors. She was the rival hunter in the Great Hunt intent on stealing the ultimate kill--her dim-witted nature was all a ruse. It became a three-way battle between the Bounty Hunter, Murghir, and Admiral Ivernus. After dealing with the admiral, his guards, the rival Cathar, and the terrified Lieutenant Major, the Bounty Hunter set off for their next target.

Nar Shaddaa

The Bounty Hunter's target on Nar Shaddaa was called the Eidolon, a deadly, professional assassin with an equally ghastly reputation for being able to kill anybody for the right price. His primary employer was the Hutt Cartel. Gele'ren, a Twi'lek who works for the Hutt Cartel and hates the Eidolon, was the Bounty Hunter's friendly contact for this target.

Down on the planet, according to Gele'ren, the Eidolon recently started a security company--now everyone wanted to buy from Eidolon Security, costing the Hutt Cartel valuable customers. Mako reunited with Anuli, an old friend who presumed her to be dead just before Braden took her down to Hutta. Gele'ren revealed that Eidolon Security's primary client is the Republic, supplying the Republic Army with billions of credits' worth of munitions every year. Destroying the crates of the munitions in the Corellian sector would cost Eidolon Security billions of credits, the first step in angering the Eidolon into going after the Bounty Hunter, which is exactly whatthey wanted.

Gele'ren and the Bounty Hunter were discussing their next step in their plan when Mako and Anuli put two and two together and find out that the rival hunters, the Ugnaught Zargnor Clan, were building their new war droid in an empty building in the Druos sector (their old one blew up in the melee, killing everyone involved but themselves, who hid in the droid's armor). The Bounty Hunter found the Ugnaughts in the empty building, still finishing their new war droid, and eliminated them from the Great Hunt.

After dealing with the Zargnor Clan, Anuli and Mako discussed with the Bounty Hunter about Anuli coming along once this is over, since he had helped out a lot. After resolving the issue, the next step in provoking the Eidolon was to get every one of his confidential records into the public HoloNet, where anyone can access. Anuli reported that the Eidolon's HoloNet transceivers were in the Network Access Sector, heavily guarded and encrypted. The Bounty Hunter tracked down Zee, a Bith engineer who has the access codes to the Eidolon's network. They found Zee at the Imperial spaceport, preparing for departure.

When they returned to Gele'ren for updates, they discovered that he is not present and found Anuli had been killed by droids sent by the Eidolon. On the holocomm, they met the Eidolon who revealed that he was responsible for the death of Anuli. The Bounty Hunter and Mako located the Eidolon and met him face to face. The Eidolon grew a strong respect for the Bounty Hunter and they fought with the Bounty Hunter eventually becoming the victor. After the battle, Mako received a transmission that the Hutts would pay more for the Eidolon being captured alive, and the Bounty Hunter chose the target's fate. Either way, the bounty was complete and they left Nar Shaddaa behind.

After catching their latest mark, the Bounty Hunter was contacted by the assistant of the Huntsmaster, and informed them that the list of Great Hunt targets was sliced and would be auctioned off on Hutta. The Bounty Hunter arrived to the auction and killed the buyers, preventing the list from getting out, but not before they found out that a Mandelorian was the one who stole the list and asked that Taro Blood's hits be left confidential. The Hunter receives the next two targets on Tatooine and Alderaan.


On Tatooine, the Bounty Hunter had to track down a Devaronian named Tyresius Lokai. The sly criminal paid off the rival hunter, who was killed by the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter chased him around Tatooine, until Tyresius was cornered by them. He then pleaded for his life and promised to use all his resources in helping the Bounty Hunter. The Bounter Hunter agreed, and Tyresius, now going by the name Gault Rennow, produced a duplicate body of himself which was used as proof that the Bounty Hunter got their mark, and Gault joined their crew.


On Alderaan, the Bounty Hunter had to find a noble Duke Corwin. The Bounty Hunter followed the first lead to House Girard, where they met a nobleman, Zacar Girard, who gave them leads in locating them to the Duke. The leads sent the Bounty Hunter to House Rist. Unfortunately, the Duke had already fled and the Bounty Hunter had communicated with a member of House Rist, who offered a deal for the Bounty Hunter to kill the leaders of House Girard, after killing Duke Corwen. Zacar told the hunter that the Duke should be at House Organa, and the Bounty Hunter took chase. They found the Duke's body in storage, having died years ago, with his family using holograms to impersonate him. The hunter retrieves the body and returns to House Girard, to find Zacar having been killed by his son. The Bounty Hunter is given the chance to decide the ultimate fate of House Girard's leadership, before leaving Alderaan.

Chapter 2 - The Price of Fame

Chapter 3 - Public Enemy

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