Brentaal Star
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Brentaal Star
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Production information
Corellia StarDrive
Technical specifications
Class 2.0
  • Dual turbolaser
  • Laser cannons
  • Ion cannons
  • Concussion missile
"He must want the Brentaal Star's passenger pretty badly. Or maybe he just hates me. The Black Talon would be destroyed chasing a battleship."
Revinal Orzik talking about orders given by Rycus Kilran

The Brentaal Star was a Thranta-class corvette serving in the Republic Navy during the Cold War.


During the Cold War, the Brentaal Star participated in an illegal skirmish just outside of Imperial territory with a fleet of Republic warships, the ship was damaged and was forced to leave the battled after the defecting Imperial General was on board holding military secrets of super weapons being created by the Sith Empire. Knowing that such information in Republic hands would be vary damaging Imperial Grand Moff Rycus Kilran tasked the Black Talon, a Gage-class transport, to undertake the task, a task that the vessel's Captain, Revinal Orzik, was less than pleased to carry out.

Orzik disobeyed his orders from the Grand Moff which forced Kilran to be more persuasive in the form of seven Imperial Agents on board. They were ordered to take the Black Talon and attack the Brentaal Star which they did fighting their way to the bridge and confronting Captain Orzik. Once the situation of the insubordanate Captain was taken care of the Black Talon came out of hyperspace near the Brentaal Star and attacked it, an attack the Brentaal Star was already prepared for, still repairing the damaged they had sustained in the prior battle. The Brentaal Star counterattacked, and the Black Talon was boarded by Republic troops and Jedi. The Agents sent by Kilran, to assure the mission was completed, charged into the ship to secure a fleeing passenger, the General who had chosen to defect to the Republic.

Before the boarding took place, the Black Talon intercepted a message from Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan who was bringing Republic reinforcements to aid the damaged Brentaal Star. The Imperial Agents made their way through the ship until they encountered the General being guarded by Padawan Yadira Ban who would be killed during the fight while the wounded General attempted to escape along with several of the remaining Galactic Republic troopers that were on board. The fate of the General was unknown.

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