Cadomai Prime
Cadomai Prime
Outer Rim



Native Races


Cadomai Prime, also known as simply Cadomai, was an Outer Rim planet located in the Catarlo sector along the northern end of the major hyperlane known as the Hydian Way. A frigid world one moon and intolerably cold winters, Cadomai's tundra plains were home to the Snivvian species, who were renowned for their art. Cadomai also had a large system of subterranean caverns where the Snivvians made their homes during the planet's winter cycle.

Cadomai had a democratic government which determined its leader every year solely on the basis of their artistic ability. Despite the artistic sensibilities of the native Snivvians, the history of Cadomai was an extremely bloody one, with the Snivvian genetic flaw known as the Blood Code of the Snivvian resulting in a number of brutal dictators. Over time, however, Cadomai eventually became well known as a resort world, despite the freezing climate.

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