Carrick Station And The 1st Fleet
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Carrick Station
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Over 1,000 passengers
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Carrick Station is a space station used by the Galactic Republic during the Cold War. It is regarded as the center of the Republic Fleet .


Carrick Station is a massive space station built in orbit of a planet in the Core Worlds of the Republic during the Cold War. It was named after Zayne Carrick, a one-time Jedi Padawan and hero of the Mandalorian Wars era. Carrick Station is the main staging area for the Republic Fleet, and is the main hub of transport shuttles bearing Republic soldiers and Jedi to and from the Republic capital of Coruscant, the Jedi sanctum of Tython, or the war-torn world of Ord Mantell.

The station houses main hangers for Jedi, Republic Military and freelance workers with proper clearance. Carrick Station is guarded all times by the Republic 1st Fleet, defenses which are commanded from the Republic warships Telos and Gav Daragon.

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