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A Guild is player owned gathering of gamers, for the sole purposes of either socializing, or performing to defeat the games harder objectives, such as leveling, grouping, raiding, etc. You also receive a base 5% experience bonus when you participate in a guild, and can receive up to an additional 5% if the guild you're in has a prerequisite number of active player accounts.

PVP Guilds

These guilds are mostly interested in participating in PvP Warzones, unranked or ranked.

Roleplay Guilds

These guilds focus on acting.

PVE Guilds

These guilds are the most diverse: they will either branch out to do quests, or to kill monsters to gain experience in a certain area. Some may also choose to complete dungeon runs or flashpoints.

Social Guilds

Mostly focusing on getting social points, social guilds tend to spend a lot of their time talking either in chat or in person.

This is a list of guilds that are active in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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