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"There are places and things in the galaxy that are strongly imbued with the dark side of the Force. The Jedi Order tasks its most indomitable masters with hunting down and cleansing such corruption wherever it takes root. Master Cedral Gend is one of the Order’s top investigators of such phenomena, having crisscrossed the galaxy many times over in search of artifacts and technology that were created through Sith alchemy. Master Gend is noteworthy among his fellow Jedi for effortlessly blending in with native populations, quickly mastering their languages and customs. His list of allies–including some within Hutt space and the Empire itself–is impressive. For all his success as a diplomat, however, Master Gend remains a deeply introspective man who retreats into solitude whenever possible. One can only imagine the psychic scars he has gained from a life spent confronting the galaxy’s greatest evils."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

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