Chuundar was a Wookiee warrior, the son of the chieftain Freyyr and the brother of Zaalbar. He was a traitor to the Wookiee species as he made deals with Czerka Corporation to allow them to enslave Wookiees in return for their help with whatever he needed at the time.

His brother Zaalbar discovered him, and in his anger attacked his brother with his claws, but because he was younger and by Wookiee culture not the one to listen to when deciding truth in matters of great importance, he was exiled as a "mad-claw" and Chuundar was allowed to stay.

Chuundar eventually declared his father insane and exiled him to the Shadowlands, where Revan found him and brought him back. Chuundar was eventually killed when Revan, Zaalbar, and Freyyr stood up to him and attacked him and his attendants.

Chuundar carried a modified bowcaster.


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