Clan Vizla
Clan Vizla
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Clan Vizla was a Mandalorian clan who were active during the Galactic War, they were lead by the famous Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, Shae Vizla. They were based on Rishi where they once worked with Revanites, however they backed out once they planned things for war. They were later invade by a Imperial-Republic joint force who were seeking intel regarding the Revanites.

Most of the clan were defeated by them, before Shae Vizla was beaten in a sparring match with them. Though most of the clan were injured, they were gonna be fine.

Revolt against the Eternal Empire

In the fighting against the Eternal Empire, Clan Vizla were among those who survived against the fighting while others weren't so lucky like Clan Lok, who lost Mandalore the Vindicated. Clan Vizla would once again fight the Eternal Throne on Darvannis under new Mandalore, Shae Vizla.


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