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These are the eight playable classes  currently available in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Galactic Republic Icon Galactic Republic

Sith Empire Icon Sith Empire

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    • The Korriban and Tython battle's were more in favor of the empire I mean though the jedi killed a dark counciler the sith killed a jedi coun...
    • Belsavis. Even though the empire reatred they started multiple uprising freed the Dread Masters and caused the death's of two wordins plus t...
  • *sigh* The Consular and Knight stuff...

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    • I think I chose to level a Guardian for two reasons: 1. The armor is some of the best-looking in the game (my opinion) 2. The class ending is ...
    • Playstyle is everything... You can find armor with a look you like, especially if you're OK buying it from the cartel market. To me, the m...

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