Clearing the Air
Mission Data
Start Sergeant Blyes
End Sergeant Blyes
Level 1
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Drelliad, Ord Mantell
Experience 540
Previous Next
n/a n/a

Clearing the Air is a mission that can be obtained at Level 1 by either the Smuggler or Trooper on Ord Mantell. The mission involves disabling three Signal Jammers so that Sergeant Blyes can reestablish contact with HQ.


  1. Disable Signal Jammers Alpha, Beta and Delta
  2. Return to Sergeant Blyes

Disable Signal Jammers

The Signal Jammers are located in the heart of Drelliad. They are surrounded by Separatist soldiers. By killing one Separatist solider, the bonus mission Take Back Drelliad Village is given. The Signal Jammers are located throughout the village.

Return to Sergeant Blyes

After disabling all three of the Signal Jammers, the player is told to return to Sergeant Blyes to hand in the mission.


The player will receive, upon turning this mission in:

  • Credit +20
  • XP +512

And one of the following items:

Bonus Missions

Take Back Dreliad Village

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