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"A highly intelligent and voracious insectoid race, Colicoids are relatively isolated in the galaxy, but their dedication to droid design and advanced technology have put them at the cutting edge of scientific research. They are not aggressive, strictly speaking, but they have little regard for other species despite their robust mercantile operations. To Colicoids, the technology trade is a useful means to an end… but a mildly distasteful one. Dedicated also to the improvement of their own species, a group of Colicoids calling themselves the Creation Nest aided the establishment of an experimental facility for mutating their own kind in Balmorra’s so-called “Bugtown.” They found that their mutated “cousins” were able to metabolize the toxic waste on the planet and made excellent, if unpredictable, weapons. The Colicoid emissaries were not deterred when Bugtown was overrun, hoping to continue to perfect the experiments in the future (albeit without the Balmorrans’ aid)."
―In-game Codex (Species)[src]


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Colicoid Drone20SwarmerWeak470
Colicoid Thrasher21LeaperNormal1240
Mutated Colicoid
Twisted Colicoid Digger20BurrowerNormal1165
Twisted Colicoid Feeder21Vile SpitterStrong3460
Twisted Colicoid Ravager21BurrowerChampion23285


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