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"The Colicoid Creation Nest is the nexus of Colicoid droid manufacturing, technological research and trade. Although the nest is often described as a corporation, the translation does not fit exactly–the nest’s hierarchy resembles that of a Colicoid hive and its activities center on research rather than profit. Rivals like Czerka Corporation and Systech often hire specialists to help them understand the complex nature of the nest; many of these “specialists” have been devoured by the Colicoids as part of their standard business practices. Despite its oddities, the Colicoid Creation Nest is considered one of the galaxy’s technological and manufacturing powerhouses. Among its many other achievements, the nest is responsible for several pioneering droid models and an advanced ion cannon that has half the power consumption of Republic designs. Unfortunately, the Colicoids are well aware of the value of their technology, and they demand a heavy price for it–a price not always counted in credits."
―In-game Codex (Locations)[src]

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