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"One of Darth Baras’s spies, Commander Rylon is a true loyalist who has mastered the difficult art of serving the Empire by blending in with the enemy and gaining his trust, serving for years as a commander in the Republic-aided Balmorran resistance. Until recently, only his son–a young Balmorran officer–has known his identity, but now he is in danger of being revealed by a Jedi Padawan with the peculiar and powerful ability to detect a person’s true allegiance. Darth Baras sees a threat to one of his agents as a threat to his entire operation and has ordered that Commander Rylon be eliminated, along with his secret."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Rylon was an Imperial spy serving under Darth Baras. He blended in with the Republic forces aiding the Balmorran Resistance on Balmorra. When at risk of being exposed by a Jedi Padawan with the power to see a being's true nature, Darth Baras sent his apprentice to silence Rylon.

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