Coreward Worlds
Allegiance Galactic Republic

Environmentally-Conscious Cityscape

"One of the founding worlds of the Galactic Republic, Corellia nonetheless prides itself on its independence. Some of the finest starships in the galaxy are made on Corellia, along with their daring pilots–men and women looking to explore, to trade or just stay ahead of the law. The cities, like the people, are distinctly Corellian, incorporating the natural landscape into their design despite a heavy manufacturing base. The Corellian government recently agreed to turn over power to the Sith Empire. This has resulted in riots in the streets and open revolution despite Imperial claims of legitimacy, and the capital of Coronet City has become a battlefield."
―In-game Codex (Planets)[src]

Corellia is planet in the Coreward Worlds and a founding member of the Galactic Republic.


Corellia was a founding member of the Republic, and has always been a loyal follower since. Its capital of Coronet City is a bustling, yet environmentally-conscious, metropolis. Its free market economy has benefitted greatly from the trade of the Great Galactic War, giving the world a financial boom. However, recently Corellia has cut off communications with the Republic and the galactic community at large, going into isolation. The few images that come through show acts of terrorism in Coronet. Also, there are rumours about how the Sith have infiltrated the government and are behind the terrorist attacks.


  • Blastfield Shipyards - the site where Republic players first emerge on Corellia; a massive construction facility for the Republic's capital ships.[1]



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