"Councillor Caicos represents the best and worst aspects of Corellia: its riches, freedom, corruption and selfishness. Born to a wealthy family, Caicos had every privilege growing up–and it was never enough. Squandering his family’s credits on a series of failed businesses, Caicos turned to loans from the Hutt Cartel and other underworld figures, including the future Voidwolf. Taking advantage of Corellia’s lax laws to walk the line between crime lord and legitimate businessman, Caicos doubled his fortunes and bought himself a place on the Corellian Council. When the Voidwolf called in his debt, Caicos willingly bribed, blackmailed and threatened his fellow councillors into selling out Corellia to the Empire."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]
Cdx.persons.smuggler.councilor caicos

Councilor Caicos

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