Anitol Rosspar met with you at the Coruscant Spaceport and told you of the troubles in the city. He asks that you go to the Senate tower to meet with Minister Imogh, a representative of the popular Senator Kayl.


  • Speak to Minister Imogh
  • Speak to Captain Winborn
  • Repair Secure Network Access Drones 0/3
  • Stage 1 : Crisis Control [BONUS]
    • Defeat Guild forces 0/15
  • Stage 2 : Crisis Control [BONUS]
    • Defeat Guild force 0/30
  • Final Stage : Crisis Control [BONUS]
    • Investigate the Migrant Merchant's Guild Ship
    • Recover the Documents from the Guild Captain
    • Turn in the Guild Ledger
  • Return to Captain Winborn
  • Return to Minister Imogh


XP +2757

Credits Credits (200)

1 Planetary Commendation

Darkside +100 or Lightside +100

[BONUS] Crisis Control Rewards:

3 Planetary Commendations 

XP +4970

Credits Credits (390)

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