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"The Gormak’s fascination with technology has led them to experiment heavily in the field of organic-cybernetic hybrids, using the native fauna of Voss as their test subjects. Gormak hunting parties set out at regular intervals to trap mawvorrs, shaclaws and even the deadly vorantikus alive so that the creatures can be implanted with cybernetic upgrades, creating monstrous cyberbeasts. While the Voss consider this practice barbaric, it is important to note that the Gormak see cyberbeasts as improved versions of what nature intended. Considering that the cyberbeasts are faster, stronger and far more dangerous than their organic counterparts, there is some merit to this belief. The cybernetic implants allow the Gormak to influence the natural instincts of the cyberbeasts, effectively letting the Gormak program them with simple yet very specific instructions. Not surprisingly, this makes the cyberbeasts excellent guardians of Gormak lands."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

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