Kotor 2 dancers outfit

The dancer's outfit was a revealing set of clothes given to anyone dancing for Vogga the Hutt. The Jedi Exile gained the outfit by showing her dancing skills to one of Vogga's male Twi'lek servants. It was given to her so that she could perform for Vogga. By dancing for Vogga, the Exile was given the opportunity to negotiate a fuel solution for the station on Telos.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords statistics and requirements

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The dancer's outfit is also available as 5 separate pieces from the security key vendor on the fleet. The pieces are Republic/Imperial Dancer's Headdress, Republic/Imperial Dancer's Top, Republic/Imperial Dancer's Bottom, Republic/Imperial Dancer's Gloves, and Republic/Imperial Dancer's Shoes. All pieces are fully mod-able and are light armor and is limited to females only. The set costs a total of 27,650 credits from the security key vendor.

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