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"The strongest Sith Lords ascend to the position of Darth. Many take a new name at this point, symbolically embracing their transformation into something greater."
―In-game Codex (Sith Titles)[src]

The title of Darth is a prestigious honour granted to only the most powerful and deserving Sith of the Empire. An increasingly minute quantity of Sith outside the Dark Council possess this honorable title.

[For players it is an attainable story-based reward for Sith Inquisitors and Sith Warriors.]

WookieepediaFavicon For information on this subject beyond The Old Republic, see: Darth on Wookieepedia

Known Users

Jedi Civil War era and Dark Wars era

Those who were Dark Lords of the Sith are shown in bold:

Cold War era

Those who are or were members of the Dark Council are shown in bold.

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