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Darth Andru was a male Human Sith Lord who served the reformed Sith Empire on Dromund Kaas ages before the Sith had returned to the known Galaxy.[1]


Prior to attaining the title Darth Andru, he was a force-sensitive human receiving training in the dark ways of the force by the Sith Empire. Darth Andru was a practitioner of the Jar'Kai lightsaber technique, wielding two purple sabers into combat. His life on Dromund Kaas was dedicated to retrieving ancient writings describing a dark ritual that would give the user mastery over Force-walking.[1]

After his death, his spirit was locked up within the halls of the Dark Temple. During the Cold War, his wraith was subjugated by Kallig, a Sith Inquisitor, who was able to master force walking and consume Darth Andru's spirit. Kallig confronted Dark Councilor Darth Thanaton after absorbing Andru's energy and adding that to Ergast's, but was defeated in spite of his grown power. The bond with the ghosts had however grown so strong that Kallig was kept from dying. Even after his defeat, Kallig sought further ghosts, finding Kalatosh Zavros and Horak-mul, and with the added power of these two, he challenged Thanaton once again. This time, the power of four ghosts subdued Kallig on its own, deteriorating his body.[1]

Behind the Scenes

Darth Thanaton is one of the NPC's in the Bioware and LucasArts 2011 game Star Wars: The Old Republic. After Kallig defeats Thanaton, he has three options: keep the ghosts for more power, free them or redeem them and free them.[1]


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