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Darth Mekhis
Darth Mekhis
"These worlds, lush like fruit. Crushed in our hands, juice bleeding down on our wrists--this is the Empire as it should be."
Darth Mekhis[src]

Darth Mekhis was a female Sith Lord and scientist who fought for the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War. Despised by the Jedi for her heretical crimes against sentient life in her science which she used to progress Imperial weaponry and expand the territory of the Empire. These services contributed to Mekhis being awarded the prestigious title of Darth.[2]


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  1. Although her species has not be specified, at this time Sith were only Human and Pureblood, and her skin indicates she wasn't the latter
  2. The Lost Suns preview

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