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Darth Minax
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Darth Minax was a female Pureblood Sith Lady of the reconstituted Sith Empire under the emperor, Vitiate. She was stationed on Balmorra around 3,642 BBY.


Minax presumably trained as an acolyte on the Sith holy world of Korriban, and emerged from the planet's academy successful.

She rose to power in the Sith Empire, eventually earning the mantle of Darth.

During the Cold War, Minax was dispatched to Balmorra.

At some point during her time on the core world, the theft of designs for the Barrager confirmed her suspicions that the Republic was interested in the weapon.

When her facility was infiltrated by a team of Republic and Jedi forces, Minax did not hesitate to engage her enemies. Her Imperial minions were defeated almost instantly, but she continued her own attack. Albeit she fought hard and well, Minax fell to the strike team. 

Powers and Abilties

Minax harnessed great combat capability. Though she predominantly relied on her single-bladed lightsaber, Minax was proficient in Sith sorcery.

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