Non-Player Character

Dash'Roode is the first boss in the operation Scum and Villainy.


Story Mode

The battle will take place on a desert, where there is sandstorm. Staying in the sandstorm will inflict a stacking debuff, which will increase the damage players will receive while in the storm per each stack. Before starting the battle, everyone should buy a personal shield generator from a shop at the start. On the path there are 4 shield generators. Activating the first generator will initiate the battle.

The group must stay inside the shield all the time. Main tank needs to keep the boss' attention all the time and tank it in a such a way, so that the group are not knocked too far away from the boss, when he uses his powerful knockback attack. However, the shield doesn't last forever, so when the shield runs out of power, one member of the group must pick up the shield and carry it to the next generator.

When the shield has been picked up, 2 random group members will get lost in the sandstorm. These players must rejoin the group as fast as possible. To avoid getting the debuff from the storm, they should use their personal shields they bought before the battle. Also, they will get some womb rats on them. Ignore them and lead them to the boss so that they can be killed by the whole group. Meanwhile, the rest of the group must stay near the player who picked up the shield while fighting the boss at the same time. Avoid the yellow spots during this phase, because they will damage and slow you. When the shield carrier has placed the shield into the next generator, repeat the same tactic like in the first shield. The battle will proceed this way until the fourth shield generator has ran out of power. If this happens use the personal shield if you still have it. 

Hard Mode

The battle is almost identical to Story Mode, but with two critical exceptions. The 4 shield generators you need to use to battle the boss now have a separate power source, Power Converter. It draws attention of additional enemies that attack the Power Converter. If even a single Power Converter is destroyed by them, you can't use the shield generators anymore. And if you can't use the generators, the sandstorm will finish you off. 2 DPS should always be fighting these enemies. Tank can also provide assistance by taunting them.

When you get lost in the sandstorm, the womb rats that attack you will now inflict a debuff which reduces your movement speed radically. If you have any abilities to increase your speed, use them to get back into the fight quickly. Jedi Shadows, Scoundrels, Sith Assassins and Operatives can use their stealth abilities to avoid the womb rats entirely, and they run to the group to be killed.

Operation Boss Fight Videos

Story Mode

Dash'roode 8-Man Story Mode06:02

Dash'roode 8-Man Story Mode

Dash'roode 8-Man Story Mode Kill by Dulfy

Hard Mode

Dash'roode 8-Man Hard Mode07:16

Dash'roode 8-Man Hard Mode

Dash'roode 8-Man Hard Mode Kill by Dulfy

Nightmare Mode

Dash'roode 8-Man Nightmare Mode06:36

Dash'roode 8-Man Nightmare Mode

Dash'roode 8-Man Nightmare Mode Kill by Dulfy

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