Davaab-type starfighter
Davaab-type starfighter
Production information
Mandalorian Neo-Crusader
War Forges
Technical specifications
8.8 meters
Class 2
Max speed
1,100 km/h (atmosphere)
Laser cannons
  • 1 Pilot
  • 1 Gunner

The Davaab-type starfighter was a starfighter used by the Mandalorians before and during the Mandalorian Wars.


It's name was derived from the Mando'a word for "carrying out" and "execution", the fighter was used by the Mandalorians for capitol ship protection.

The design was based on a modified Core Galaxy Systems model of starfighter that predated the Great Sith War, and could be seen in many variations under the Mandalorian Crusaders. By the time the Neo-Crusader doctrine began spreading throughout the Mandalorian clans, the model was mass-produced in their war forges, supplying the crusaders with a more uniform fighter.


It is unknown when they were first used by the Mandalorians, the Davaab-type starfighter first saw action during the Mandalorian's conquest of the outer rim. Mandalorian Crusaders saw the Davaab starfighters as objects of personal pride, and willingly invested their personal time and resources on modifications and upgrades.

During the disemanation of the Neo-Crusader doctrine, the Davaab fighter took on a uniform appearance. Many older Mandalorians, upset by the new fighter's stock package, began modifying them in secret. Fighters of this type fought in the Battle of Vanquo and later in the Invasion of Taris.

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Davaab-type starfighter (Vanquo)

A Davaab-type at the Battle of Vanquo.

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