Desperate Times
Mission Data
Start Corso Riggs
End Viidu
Level 2
Type  ??
Repeatable for  ??
Location Drelliad and Fort Garnik
Experience XP +??
Previous Next
Landing Party Hungry for Information

Desperate Times is the second mission in the Smuggler's story arc. The Smuggler will gain this mission from Corso Riggs after saving him from the Separatist ambush. Riggs directs the Smuggler to Viidu, the employer of Riggs and Skavak (formerly).


  1. Talk to Viidu

Talk to Viidu

Viidu is located in Fort Garnik, which is a couple minutes walk from Drelliad. A mission to eliminate snipers along the path to Fort Garnik (Snipe Hunt) can be obtained just after leaving Drelliad. The building that Viidu is in is almost the center-most building in Fort Garnik. Upon talking to Viidu, he will assign tasks to the Smuggler, so that they can ascertain where Skavak is.

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