[Republic]: You receive this codex after you complete “Shelter from the Storm” mission.

[Empire]: You receive this codex after you complete “Descent Into The Core” mission and turn in at Drill Control Center.


Makeb has always suffered from periodic groundquakes–notable given that the planet’s population lives on high, isolated mesas–but recently the quakes have been more frequent, causing severe damage to Makeb’s cities. The cause, as has now been discovered, is the Hutts’ aggressive deep-core mining operations. Projections show that, barring a miracle, the groundquakes will increase in severity, collapsing the mesas and causing volcanic eruptions. Strange fluctuations in Makeb’s gravitational and electromagnetic fields are occurring as well. If present trends continue, violent storms will wrack the planet, and its gravity will become too weak to retain an atmosphere at all. If Makeb’s crust survives, the planet will be left barren and lifeless; if not, nothing will be left of Makeb but floating debris. Without a swift and thorough evacuation, Makeb will suffer one of the worst humanitarian crises in galactic history.

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