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Non-Player Character
Dread Master Brontes
Dread Master Brontes

"Long ago, when the Dread Masters began their investigation of the Phobis devices, Brontes led the research, risking her own sanity in the process. She is a consummate scholar and Force adept, generally accepted as the wisest of the Dread Masters in lore and ancient secrets. Much about Brontes has been forgotten by the other Dread Masters–and even Brontes herself. It is known, however, that Brontes had been a major contributor to the Sith Academy archives, and her insights into the nature and purpose of sacred artifacts led to the construction of the Dark Temple."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Dread Master Brontes is the final boss in Operation: The Dread Fortress.


Story Mode

There will be many different phases in this battle, and each role have important tasks in the fight.

Phase 1

Brontes will bring out tentacle-like enemies, while she herself puts a barrier around, which makes her immune to everything. There are 2 types of tentacles: Hand of Brontes and Finger of Brontes. There are total of 2 Hands and Tanks will each take a Hand and ensure that they don't harm others, while DPS kills the Fingers before helping the Tanks with the Hands. When hands have lost 20% of their health, they burrow out and then reappear in different, but fixed spot. While DPS are on the Hands, they need to keep an eye out for more Fingers. It's important that fingers die first. When Both hands health reaches 40%, Brontes will bring out different kind of tentacles, that generate a beam fence between them. Hitting the beam causes instant death and staying too near the tentacles will cause heavy damage. Don't attack these tentacles at all, avoid them altogether and don't stand between them. Phase 2 starts after this.

Phase 2

Brontes will enter the fight here. She will stay in the middle. Main Tank tanks her while the rest of the group stays behind her. Her Arcing Assault attack can damage anyone in 180 degree arc in front of her. After a while a Kephess-clone will enter the fight. Off-Tank and some DPS will take these guys out ASAP, because their Corrupted Nanites can cause trouble. Healers can cleanse them though. There will be more than 1 clone in this phase. Also, you need to make sure that there are no clones around when Brontes health has dropped to 50%. When this happens, Brontes will become immune, and she'll prepare to launch an Overcharged Beam. This beam will circle clockwise the entire battle area. Hitting the beam causes instant death. Also, unstable droid enemies will arrive to the area. If you imagine the area as a clock, they will appear to following locations: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, in that order. Droids will explode if beam hits them, causing damage to everyone, no matter how far they are from them. Position the group to 2 o'clock position right before Brontes hits 50% health. Kill the droids before the beam reaches them. Phase 3 starts when last droid is dead.

Phase 3

Brontes brings out the Hands and Fingers again, but differently this time. Do what you did in phase 1, and you'll be okay. Phase 4 starts, when all the Hands and Fingers are dead.

Phase 4

Brontes uses Supremacy to grow into a giant and more powerful. In this form she automatically causes a stacking debuff to the whole group, which causes perioidical damage. The more stacks there are, the more damage you take. Also, tanking Brontes is nearly impossible, because every time you taunt her, she will incapacitate the taunter and pushes him/her away, and breaks threat as well. To keep Brontes away from DPS and Healers as much as possible, Tanks need to taunt her whenever they can, and if possible, position themselves back to a wall, so that her push doesn't cause too much trouble. This is a nuke phase, so unleash everything you have to bring her down, before the stacks become too high for Healers to handle. Stacks can't be cleansed, so you need to be quick.

Hard Mode

Hard Mode has same things as in Story Mode, but with new things, which makes this battle very tough.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is identical to Story Mode, but when Hands burrow out, they cause a debuff on the tank. This debuff increases damage taken from that particular hand. So if Main Tank was on right Hand, he needs to take the left Hand next, and off-Tank takes the right hand instead. Also, it's better not to DPS the Hands down too fast during second time they appear, because Tanks can have debuffs from both Hands at the same time. In this state, It will be very difficult for Tanks and Healers to do their job.

Phase 2

Three new things to know in phase 2. Brontes' Arcing Assault now causes a stacking debuff on anyone in its area of effect. To ensure that only Tank is hit by this ability, rest of the group needs to stay behind Brontes. When Main Tank has taken 4 Arcing Assault stacks, do tankswap. Also, when Brontes' health reaches 65%, energy spheres will start to appear. These spheres can't be attacked. Instead, they pick a random target, usually DPS, and damage the target constantly while moving towards the target. If the sphere reaches the target, the sphere will explode, causing damage depending on how many stacks the sphere has. The sphere must be popped in around 17 stacks. Damage is minimal then. But if there is a sphere, when Brontes reaches 50%, one Tank taunts and pops the sphere, despite how many stacks it has. Finally, when Brontes does the Overcharged Beam part, all the unstable droids must be destroyed. If the beam hits even one, it's an instant wipe.

Phase 3

This is the most difficult part of the battle. Divide the group in half. You need to position the group correctly so that the Fingers target a specific member. Once this is ensured, kill the Fingers one by one on both sides. There will also be energy spheres in this phase. Tanks need to use the Hands to destroy them. Ensure, that the Hands area attack hits the spheres. They will be destroyed instantly, when the arm attacks. Spheres appear from the corners of the area. The best way to see, where they are coming from, is to look from the map.

Phase 4

Last phase has one new feature: Hands. Hands will cause a shield around them, when their health reaches 5%. This shield will cleanse the stacks Brontes inflicts. First, nuke Brontes until you are close to 8 stacks. Then nuke one Hand and get the group inside the shield. Your stacks are gone. But if you are outside the shield, you will die, because during the shield, Brontes channels an ability that will kill everyone outside the shield. Repeat with the second Hand. Once both Hands have been used, nuke Brontes with everything you have, and hope you can defeat her in time.


Story Mode

Unassembled Arkanian Chest with 1 random Underworld Token and 1 random piece of Verpine gear and 1 Exotic Element equalizer and Elite Commendtions.

Hard Mode

Unassembled Dread Forged Chest and 2 random pieces of Oriconian gear and 1 Exotic Element Equalizer and Elite Commendations And Ultimate Commendations along with a Volcanic Kell Drake.

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