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Dreadmaster styrak
Dread Master Styrak

"The Dread Masters possess incredible, unprecedented power over the dark side of the Force; a power developed through rituals created by one of their own, the incomparable Sith alchemist known as Styrak. Even before Styrak became one of the Dread Masters, his superior intellect and sadistic experiments on subjects both living and dead were infamous. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of slaves and beasts have been claimed by Styrak’s heartless pursuit of mastery over the Force. Styrak is also the most individualistic of the Dread Masters: whether out of pride or supreme confidence, he is the one most likely to strike out alone in pursuit of the group’s goals. Rumors have long suggested that the Dread Masters only possess their full power when acting together, but so far, no one has dared to test the rumor by challenging Styrak during any of his “excursions”."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

Dread Master Styrak is the seventh and final boss in the operation Scum and Villainy.


Story Mode

This battle goes in 4 phases, each with a different situation. However, one element present in the battle will always remain: the water is an exhaustion zone. Stay away from there.

Phase 1

Styrak has 20 Dread Guards with him. In phase 1 you will fight these guys in 4 separate waves. Defeat them 1 wave at a time. Be careful not to awake any other waves. Each wave consists 4 Dread Guard Disciples and 1 Dread Guard Officer. Kill officers first, because they can heal disciples. These guys should fall easily. When the last one has fallen, get ready for phase 2.

Phase 2

After the last Dread Guard is dead, Styrak sends his Kell Dragon pet to fight you. It has 2 attacks to look out for: Spit and Spines. Spit causes a bile of poison to appear on the ground, which stays there until the dragon is dead. Don't stand in them. During Spines Kell Dragon starts spinning in his place, launching spikes towards the group. In Story Mode they aren't so bad, but just to be safe, the group should go behind the Tanks, so that they absorb most of the damage it inflicts. Also, while channeling Spines, the dragon reduces all damage done to it by 90%. Finally during this phase, Styrak will summon an apparition of himself to choke the Tank currently taunting the dragon. The other tank must then taunt the dragon and DPS need to destroy the apparition to release the choked tank. The choke lasts until the apparition is dead. When the dragon is dead, Styrak creates a massive Force Storm. Phase 3 will then begin.

Phase 3

Now you will get to fight Styrak himself. He has a lot of tricks to show you and there is no concrete order on how he uses them. He can't be interrupted neither. He fights with a lightsaber, Force Storm and Force Lightning when not using his unique abilities. Get him to the middle of the battle area to be in the safest possible location. When he says "Now you'll see real power!", he uses an ability called Chained Manifestation, in which he creates one big ghost of himself to the middle of the area and four smaller ones that are connected with an eerie beam. The beam creates a box. Touching the beam will cause instant death, and you can't jump over it. Small ones will close in on the big ghost, bringing the beam along. You must destroy the big ghost before the beam reaches you. It's the only way to stop the beam box from reaching you. Another unique trick is Lightning Manifestation, in which he creates four small ghosts again, each using Force Lightning against you. Kill them as fast as possible. The last unique trick Styrak has, is the ability to use Nightmare Manifestation on a random group member. This player will be taken out from the battle into a nightmare, where he/she must fight one of their companions (usually the one they can have romance with). Defeat the companion to get back into the fight. Also, Styrak will often throw a Tank into the water. Get away from water quickly because it's an exhaustion zone. He will use these abilities many times during the fight. When Styrak's health has dropped to 15% its time for phase 4.

Phase 4

Styrak will bring the Kell Dragon back to life. First you must draw the dragon away from Styrak under the ledge from where you dropped to the area. Kill the dragon fast. It only uses one attack, but it has fast attack speed. When the dragon is down for good, Styrak, now a giant, will come and fight you again. He is now much more fierce than before, and he breaks Tank's threat regularly. Tanks need to taunt him all the time. He also likes to push you a lot. Try to be back against the wall. Unleash everything you have to bring him down fast.

Hard Mode

The battle strategy doesn't really differ from Story Mode. The greatest challenge in Hard Mode is that enrage timer is shorter. To that end, DPS must be very good to kill Styrak before he enrages. A good way to determine this is to keep a count on how many Chained Manifestations he manages to use. If he manages to use it four times, it means that there isn't much time before he enrages. If he gets fifth Chained Manifestation, it's unlikely you can defeat him in time. 

Operation Boss Fight Videos

Story Mode

Dread Master Styrak 8-Man Story Mode10:00

Dread Master Styrak 8-Man Story Mode

Dread Master Styrak 8-Man Story Mode Kill by Dulfy

Hard Mode

Dread Master Styrak 8-Man Hard Mode08:39

Dread Master Styrak 8-Man Hard Mode

Dread Master Styrak 8-Man Hard Mode Kill by Dulfy

Nightmare Mode

Dread Master Styrak 8-Man Nightmare Mode15:04

Dread Master Styrak 8-Man Nightmare Mode

Dread Master Styrak 8-Man Nightmare Mode Kill by Dulfy

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