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"One of the most experienced officers in the Galactic Republic military, General Garza is a tactical and strategic genius with a near-flawless operational record. She served with distinction in the war against the Empire and played an instrumental role in the formation and training of the army’s elite Special Forces division. Although her achievements are numerous, Garza has become a figure of increasing controversy. She has a reputation for being ruthless and uncompromising, and is often accused of authorizing secret assaults against Imperial interests throughout the galaxy. These accusations remain unproven, but few doubt the lengths that Garza will go to secure victory for the Republic."
―In-game Codex (Persons of Note)[src]

General Elin Garza is the commander of the Republic Special Forces during the Great Galactic War and the Cold War that follows it now.


She is one of the most experienced officers in the Galactic Republic Military, and has received numerous commendations, such as the Chancellor's Service Medal, the Medal of Valor, the Silver Crescent, and the Mark of Dedication. She is considered a tactical genius and has a flawless record of operations.

Garza played a key role in the formation of the Republic Army's special forces division. Despite her achievements, Garza's reputation as a ruthless and uncompromising leader makes her a polarizing figure among the Republic. Though never proven, she is often accused of authorizing secret assaults against Imperial holdings despite the Treaty of Coruscant.

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