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Eternal Empire of Zakuul




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Human, Droid

Status of Government

Dissolved into Eternal Alliance

"The Eternal Empire of Zakuul is a totalitarian dictatorship under the Immortal Emperor. Citizens don't merely obey the Emperor--they view him as their timeless guide and protector. By trusting him with all political and military power, they can focus on higher learning and the finer aspects of civilized society. All citizens receive a monthly stipend of credits and resources such as food and fuel. Compared to the rest of the galaxy, the average Zakuulan would be a member of the upper class and want for nothing. They are an idealistic people--scientists, artists and philosophers--who look down on the Sith Empire and Republic, disgusted by their warmongering ways. Instilled with Valkorion's arrogance, they believe it is their burden to bring enlightenment to the rest of the galaxy."
―In-game Codex (Organizations)[src]

The Eternal Empire of Zakuul was a dictatorial government founded by Emperor Valkorion on the planet Zakuul sometime before the Galactic War of 3640 BBY. Valkorion used the Empire's large fleet to battle both the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire on multiple worlds, a war in which, he sought to reshape the entire galaxy.


  • Second to the Emperor

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