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"When a group of Makeb’s early settlers explored the planet’s underground caves, they encountered a vicious burrowing animal they named the exoboar. Surprisingly fast and armored with blaster-resistant leathery skin, the exoboars ripped up equipment and drove the settlers back until Sarthon Quis, a former career bodyguard, figured out that the boars were repelled by a particular herb growing in the caves. Rubbing the herb on their clothes allowed the settlers to pass safely. In later years, Sarthon Quis became an acclaimed hunter of exoboars and even had a set of armor made from exoboar hide. Unfortunately, he wore it while on an expedition into even deeper caves and was devoured by a subteroth who took him for a particularly plump boar."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

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