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Ezran Outpost

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Ezran Outpost
Ezran Outpost
Empire attack on Ezran Outpost used by Republic smugglers
Vital statistics
Location Distant Outer Rim
Ezran system
Rewards Credits Credits (1,413)
Fleet commendation 1 Fleet Commendation
Level Available 30
Ship Grade 1+
Duration 6:26

This Space Battle along with the Taspan Ambush comprise the two missions of the Operation Molten Splinter player mission.


Ezran Outpost is an Imperial Space Battle mission to destroy a space station within the Ezran system being used by smugglers aligned with the Republic.



  • Destroy station turrets - 12
  • Destroy station shield generators - 2
  • Destroy station hangars - 4
  • Destroy station antenna - 4


  • Eliminate Enemy Fighters:
Obliterate enemy fighters - 60
  • Cripple Republic Communications:
Destroy station's communications array
  • Eradicate Enemy Defenses: (This bonus missions becomes available at level 30.)
Destroy Defense satellites - 4
Destroy Frigate turrets - 20

Fuel Cost

Below are the fuel costs from various locations within the galaxy:


Follow the same basic strategy as Cartel Listening Station.

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