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Ferrazid Hound
Level range
Hostile; Hostile if attacked

"Millennia ago, before Taris became a city-world–and long before that city was destroyed–ferrazid hounds lived in the planet’s jungles and swamps, hunting birds and lizards and roaming in small packs. When Taris became an urban environment, ferrazids were believed extinct–the population wiped out, with only a few specimens preserved in zoos. When the Republic returned to the ruins of Taris, explorers found the ferrazid hound population robust and recovered. Unfortunately, the ferrazids are extremely territorial. Although they keep their distance from major settlements, they are an increasing problem for scouts and transports."
―In-game Codex (Bestiary)[src]

A Ferrazid is a dog-log creature native to Taris.

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Ferrazid Hound prowls the undergrowth on Taris

Ferrazid Hound prowling on Taris


Name Level Combat Type Strength HP Notes
Ferrazid Scavenger33/34Infected CreatureNormal2485/2605Defeating can unlock the Ferrazid Hound Codex entry.  Can be found at (x: 356, y: -159, z: -126)
Ferrazid Hound
Ferrazid Killer32CreatureElite15305
Trained Ferrazid Hunter33/34Beast SlaveWeak935/980

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