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A Flashpoint is an instanced adventure event for cooperative group-play. They are not simple 'dungeons' to battle through; they also include various paths, decision points, and cinematics. [1] They are repeatable and will offer some of the best gear in play.


Flashpoint missions are typically divided into a series of connected events, including conversations, boss battles, and other objectives. Each objective develops in both action and story, such as with enemy movement, changes in the environment, etc. This story aspect is designed to help players further develop their characters.

The combat experience is tightly integrated with the story (e.g., types of enemies, their AI behavior, their abilities). These will be some of the most challenging combat encounters, requiring not just a full group of players, but players with superior coordination and skill.

The moral choices in Flashpoints will sometimes have more consequences than Dark or Light Side points. Likewise, completing bonus objectives can sometimes open new options for the mission.[2]


Players can complete their first flashpoint starting at level 7 (after reaching the fleet) and more will become available every few levels after.

Tactical Flashpoints are role-neutral, meaning Group Finder will match the first four eligible players regardless of group role, but may still have a level requirement.

List of Flashpoints

Flashpoints Level Ranges HM Gear
7-10 13-17 17-21 21-25 25-29 29-33 33-37 37-41 41-45 45-49 48-50 50 Tactical 15-54 Tactical 55 Tactical 56-60 HM HM55 HM60
Sith Empire Icon The Black Talon X X T1.2 Wrist
Galactic Republic Icon The Esseles X X T1.2 Wrist
Hammer Station X X
Athiss X X
Mandalorian Raiders X X
Cademimu X X
Sith Empire Icon Boarding Party X X T1.2 Hands
Galactic Republic Icon Taral V X X T1.2 Hands
Sith Empire Icon The Foundry X X T1.2 Feet
Galactic Republic Icon Maelstrom Prison X X T1.2 Feet
Colicoid War Games X N/A
The Red Reaper X N/A
Directive 7 X X T1.2 Legs
The False Emperor X X T1.2 Chest
The Battle of Ilum X X T1.2 Off
Kaon Under Siege X X T1.2 Head
The Lost Island X X
Czerka Corporate Labs X X
Czerka Core Meltdown X X
Kuat Drive Yards


Assault on Tython X X
Korriban Incursion X X
Depths of Manaan X X
Legacy of the Rakata X X
Blood Hunt X X
Battle of Rishi X X

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