Fondor Escort
Fondor Escort
A Republic shuttle tries to make it to the rendezvous point while its escort clears a path through opposing interceptors and capital ships
Vital statistics
Location Fondor System
Rewards Credits Credits (330)
XP +2650
Fleet commendation 1 Fleet Commendation
Level Available

The Fondor Escort is a Republic Space Battle mission in the Coreward Worlds. An urgent distress signal has been detected in the Fondor system. Republic soldiers and colonists kidnapped by the Empire have escaped confinement and taken flight in a shuttle. All available vessels are requested to defend the escapees and ensure that some proof of the Empire's aggression is preserved.



  • Escort the shuttle to safety


  • Defend the shuttle from Interceptors - Take Out Mark VI Interceptors (0/25)
  • Disable the enemy fleet - Destroy the Frigate's Turrets (0/20) This bonus missions becomes available at level 30.

Fuel Cost

Below are the fuel costs from various locations within the galaxy:


The following are the awards for completing the space battle (does not include xp for bonus quest):

  • Credits Credits (330)
  • XP +2650
  • Fleet commendation 1 Fleet Commendation

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