Sith Inquisitor TOR

A Sith Inquisitor using Force lightning.

Force powers are abilities that come from the relationship of a force sensitive and the Force. These powers were discovered at the same time the Force was discovered. A force sensitive may use them at will or without control. The way and purpose for which they are used are the main differences between the Jedi and the Sith. While the Jedi believe the Force uses them as instrument of fate they embrace this philosophy; on the contrary the Sith believe that the Force is to serve the force sensitives and not the other way around.

Some force powers may be learn, others discovered, other just used and triggered by a situation (The Exile in Knights of the Old Republic II did not knew how to suck one's force after killing powerful Jedi Master but still the force power acted without them knowing why or how). The level of discipline, background knowledge and power in the Force are factors when determine which force powers subject X may use. Another factor is the alignment; as some force powers like Force Lighting are identified with the dark side. Even so light siders have been able to use Light judgment.

Some of the Force Powers can be classified in:

  • Combat
    • Force Push
    • Force Throw
    • Force Grapple
    • Choke
    • Scream
    • Force Lighting/Lighting Judgment
    • Lightsaber related
    • Stun
    • ETC.
  • Alter
    • Water Breathing
    • Poisoning Resistance
    • Heal
    • Sustain life
    • Mind Control
    • Conceive identity or presence/Sith Lord Mask

In Knights of the Old Republic, the force powers are divided into:


  • Force Push
  • Lightsaber related
  • Fast run
  • Valor
  • Blaster reflection
  • Alter related

Dark side

  • Scream
  • Choke
  • Force Lightning

Light side

  • Heal
  • Stun Droid
  • etc.

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